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The Edge

Feb 12, 2022 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With Jeff Pennucci

The heaviest metal, punk, hardcore, thrash, industrial, and everything else fit for headbanging

Thrash Metal Party #3

The Edge
11:00 PM
Exodus - I Am Abomination
Exodus I Am Abomination
I Am Abomination WMG - Nuclear Blast Records GmbH
11:04 PM
Enforced - Reckoning Force
Enforced Reckoning Force
At the Walls WAR Records
11:07 PM
Kryptos - Hot Wired
Kryptos Hot Wired
Force of Danger BELIEVE - AFM Records
11:10 PM
Xentrix - Evil By Design
Xentrix Evil By Design
Bury the pain Listenable Records
11:14 PM
Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua
Sacred Reich Surf Nicaragua
Ignorance & Surf Nicaragua Metal Blade Records
11:19 PM
Black Mass - Warlust
Black Mass Warlust .
Warlust .
11:24 PM
Torture Squad - Raise Your Horns
Torture Squad Raise Your Horns
Aequilibrium Torture Squad
11:31 PM
Inculter - Open the Tombs
Inculter Open the Tombs
Fatal Visions Edged Cirle Productions
11:35 PM
Iron Angel - Sacred Slaughter
Iron Angel Sacred Slaughter
Emerald Eyes BELIEVE - Mighty Music
11:41 PM
Megadeth - Devils Island
Megadeth Devils Island
Warchest Universal Music
11:46 PM
Exmortus - For the Horde
Exmortus For the Horde
Ride Forth ORCHARD - Prosthetic
11:50 PM
Cripper - Clean
Cripper Clean
Antagonist Cmm/saol
11:54 PM
Lazarus A.D. - Last Breath
Lazarus A.D. Last Breath
The Onslaught SME - Metal Blade Records
12:01 AM
Accept - Fast As a Shark
Accept Fast As a Shark .
Restless and Wild .
12:05 AM
Onslaught - Bow Down to the Clowns
Onslaught Bow Down to the Clowns
Generation Antichrist BELIEVE - AFM Records
12:10 AM
Anthrax - I Am The Law
Anthrax I Am The Law Daniel Alan Spitz, Frank Joseph Bello, Daniel Lilker, Joseph Bellardini, Scott Ian Rosenfeld, Charlie Benante
Aftershock - The Island Years 1985 - 1990 UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)
12:15 AM
Steel Bearing Hand - Per Tenebras Ad Lucem
Steel Bearing Hand Per Tenebras Ad Lucem
Slay in Hell Carbonized Records
12:22 AM
Evile - Gore (feat. Brian Posehn)
Evile Gore (feat. Brian Posehn)
Gore (feat. Brian Posehn) WMG - Napalm Records
12:27 AM
Warfect - Drone Wars
Warfect Drone Wars .
Exoneration Denied .
12:32 AM
Toxic Holocaust - Chemical Warlords
Toxic Holocaust Chemical Warlords .
Primal Future: 2019 .
12:37 AM
Nuclear Assault - Critical Mass
Nuclear Assault Critical Mass
Handle With Care SME - Legacy Recordings
12:42 AM
Destruction - Total Desaster
Destruction Total Desaster .
Thrash Anthems recordJet
12:45 AM
Space Chaser - Anthem
Space Chaser Anthem
Dead Sun Rising This Charming Man Records
12:50 AM
Insane - Skullcrusher
Insane Skullcrusher
Victims Dying Victims Productions
12:52 AM
Invicta - Terminal Brutality
Invicta Terminal Brutality .
Halls of Extinction 799558 Records DK2
12:57 AM
Schizophrenia - Structure of Death
Schizophrenia Structure of Death
Structure of Death Schizophrenia